Monday, June 1, 2009

A quote from Kathleen Norris for your Monday

My closing comment yesterday made me think of one of my favorite Kathleen Norris quotes. If you need something to make you feel inspired on this Monday, maybe this quote from page 145 of The Cloister Walk will do the trick:

"Poets and monks do have a communal role in American culture, which alternately ignores, romanticizes, and despises them. In our relentlessly utilitarian society, structuring a life around writing is as crazy as structuring a life around prayer, yet that is what writers and monks do. Deep down, people seem glad to know that monks are praying, that poets are writing poems. This is what others want and expect of us, because if we do our job right, we will express things that others may feel or know, but can't or won't say."

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