Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shooting Fabric

Kelli Russell Agodon's book trailer and post inspired me yesterday to get ready for another round of experimenting with videopoems, even though you would be fair if you pointed out that I wasn't through with my last experiment. I wanted to keep experimenting with Movie Maker, while I still remembered what I had done, and I'm working on a weekly art project series at my theology blog (go here, here, and here to read/see more), so I decided that next week's project would involve a stanza of a poem. Yesterday, I set about taking photos that would work with the poem.

The poem talks about God as a quilter, so I needed pictures of quilts, pictures of fabric. Luckily, I have plenty of fabric and quilts on hand (the above shot is a close up of a quilt that I pieced and quilted entirely by hand--below you'll see a larger picture of the whole quilt, but I love this close up--look how the stars glow!).

As I took photos, I thought about book trailers, and I thought about my newer book length manuscript, which I've titled When God Switched Fabrics. So, I decided to take some photos that might be useful for a book trailer.

Here's the larger quilt (the detail is above):

Here's another close-up shot of some of my fiber art. Several years ago, I made a piece a week. I'd put down a piece of cloth, cut smaller scraps of cloth and arrange them on the large piece, scatter other types of fiber (yarn, ribbon) across, and put a see-through fabric on top. I sewed the whole creation together, often with a glittery thread. I also experimented with beads.

I had a fun afternoon, taking lots of pictures which may or may not be useful some day. What a great development is the digital camera! If I'd been working with traditional film, I'd have shot through over $30 worth of film. Or I'd have been so cautious I wouldn't have tried my more experimental shot and been so delighted with the results that I pushed further.

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Valerie said...

Wonderful! I'm a textile artist myself, so I enjoyed seeing this!