Monday, July 26, 2010

The Joys of Apocalypse in a Day where the Computer Acts Up

Yesterday was another trying computer day. The virus that haunted my Wednesday was back yesterday morning, so I redid the fix and then the computer wasn't recognizing the mouse. After some fiddling with a different mouse, I got the computer to work oh so slowly.

I went to a Microsoft site and left the computer scanning for viruses while we went to church. When we got back, the screen was frozen. When we turned the computer off and on, no mouse. No fix worked. I was about to lose my cool.

My spouse let me be the one to choose the movie that we'd stream from Netflix. I chose 2012. Yes, I understand all of the scientific stupidness that pervades the movie; you can almost hear the screenwriters saying, "Use the word neutrino. It's such a cool word. No one will know what it means. Who cares whether or not we're accurate!" My spouse noted that in the scene where the man protests he can't possibly fly this plane because he's only flown single engine planes--well, it's a single engine plane in the scene (and later, it's a different plane with more engines--definite continuity issues). I decided to just suspend my disbelief and let the apocalypse wash over me. It suited my doomed mood. How lovely to watch the world go smash on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Throughout the afternoon, I periodically turned the computer on to see if we had mouse function. Nope. Finally, by night, I tried other things, like starting in safe mode and selecting an option that I could toggle down to, the position that told the computer to go back to a time when all the commands were working and the system was configured properly.

Success! And I was able to run some scans from the Microsoft site. This morning, the computer seems to be back to its zippy self, but I won't be surprised if it's just temporary. Still, I'm grateful for the reprieve, even if it turns out to be temporary.

What is it about having computer issues that sends me so quickly to an apocalyptic mood? We've had home repair issues and a condo that we can't sell for many years, and I'm able to keep these things in perspective. But let the computer go wonky and I'm in a state of mad despair in an hour.

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