Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spinning on the Roof

I know the rest of the upper 48 is getting gorgeous autumnal weather, but down here in South Florida, we have to settle for being satisfied with lower humidity and slightly cooler nights. Some years, I yearn for Fall more than other years. Yesterday, I was happy that we still have warm weather.

My little gym at the hospital near my work is being remodeled. Consequently, my beloved spin class was canceled on Saturday. At first I thought I'd take an easier day close to home--or maybe just not exercise! But I had friends who invited me to their beachside gym in Ft. Lauderdale. They have spin class on the open-air roof, and I've wanted to try it. I wouldn't have wanted to try it in the summer though, and I imagine it might get fairly chilly up there with autumnal temperatures and wind.

We hopped on our bikes and spun away. The glass-like sea still attracted surfers, who stood on their boards and paddled with long paddles. We watched all sorts of boats go by, from small, zippy things to big cargo ships. We saw lifeguards head over to the beach, and near the end of our workout, back they came. The view was picture perfect, a stereotype: glistening water, palm trees, blue sky with fluffy clouds.

The bikes, on the other hand, were not so perfect. A bit rusty, a bit clunky, first generation spin bikes--leaving them in the open air, close to the salty ocean, has done them no favors. I'll be glad to return to the very different spin room at the hospital, with its more well-maintained bikes.

But I'm grateful to have had the rooftop spin class class--I need those kind of only-in-South-Florida experiences to remind me that there are advantages to living here, even if it means we don't have the wonderful autumnal experiences that the rest of the country enjoys.

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