Thursday, November 4, 2010

Off To Mepkin Abbey--Back to Blogging by November 10

It's that time of year again, time for lots of travel. This time, I go off by myself to Mepkin Abbey. Years ago, after reading Kathleen Norris, a group of friends decided to investigate Mepkin Abbey. They had such a powerful experience that they implored me to come. I did, and we've been trying to meet there every year on a regular basis.

Although it can be a grueling/boring drive, I never regret it. It's a feast for my eyes, as I get to see scenery that's so different from South Florida. I get a lot of writing and planning done. On a drive there in 2006, I had a view for how my short stories could fit together into a volume of linked short stories (a feat I'm still tackling). Last year, I put together a book length manuscript of my poems with a spiritual theme (that manuscript is currently at Steel Toe Books, since they had a call for manuscripts with a spiritual theme). Last year I also put together a manuscript that I called my working woman chapbook--I went on to rename it I Stand Here Shredding Documents, and regular readers know that it's been accepted by Finishing Line Press.

So, I'll look forward to seeing what comes out of this voyage. I should be back to regular blogging by Nov. 9 or 10.

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