Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Recipes for Poets

Deborah Ager of 32 Poems fame asks us all to share our favorite, quick recipes on May 20.  What a great idea!  I'll be sharing two recipes, both vegetarian, both quick, both great ways of getting more veggies into your body.  And both are recipes that never have people turning up their noses and saying, "Hmm.  No thanks."  One of them is kid friendly for sure, the other, perhaps not.  And until recently, both were very cheap.

I knew that the economy had shifted on some deep level this winter when I decided to make a pot roast.  The beef cost less than the potatoes.  Now, I'm a child of the 1970's, and I remember beef being a very special occasion food--not just for special occasions, but very special occasions.  To be fair, I'm probably remembering a year or two in my family's life and generalizing for the whole decade. 

But I digress.  If you'd like to add a recipe, go here for more details about what Deborah has in mind.  And hopefully, on May 20, we'll wake up to a world of quick recipes that leave us more time for writing!

Update:  Go here for the recipes.

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Hannah Stephenson said...

Wow. So beautifully practical!! Who couldn't use this kind of help, truly?