Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine to Fabric, Color, and Curves

Yesterday I left my office world of flat screens and words to go to the Fashion Department's Tie Dye workshop.  My department donated supplies.  I took pictures.

I find the process of bunching up the cloth in rubber bands and applying the dye to be soothing in a strange way.  Even taking pictures of others doing it was a balm:

I often wish I could do more with fabric and color in my daily life. 

Some days, I wish I was paid to turn cloth into wonderful colors.  I am probably paid more to administer a college department than I would be if I was paid to dye cloth.

I was struck by all the dress forms around the department.

But these forms are so tiny--where are the forms that show us the proportions of larger women?   I'm not the only one who has noticed this.  I loved this bit of resistance (if you can't read the words, someone wrote "Thick Gurls are way better" and "Big Giirl Sexy"--are the misspellings intentional?  Let's say they are):

On my way out, I stopped to admire the window that the fashion students had put together.  You may or may not be able to discern an Alice in Wonderland theme:

Then, last night, my spouse and I made valentines for my nephew, who has just discovered the U.S. Mail and who yearns for mail.  I can completely relate!

My spouse made the more professional looking one:

I made a book with glue that oozed everywhere.

A final reminder:


Kathleen said...

Oh, what a joy. I love what YOU do!

Supervillainess said...

Yes, alternative spellings of "Girl" - such as "gurl" and "grrrl" represent such movements as the 'riotgrrls" of the 90's and other feminist movements...I think!