Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer's Last Savorings

During the time of the recently deceased Holocene Era, when we could count on the seasons behaving as they often did, early September would have been a time of seasonal shift.

That would mean that we'd only have a month left to enjoy traditional summer treats.

In our post-Holocene era, we may have more months of heat than we'd like, and summer may stretch on beyond September.  Still, soon many of us will be thinking of school and other autumnal events.  Let's plan what we'd like to experience one last time before the chill winds of Fall begin.

A day at the beach?

Or maybe you only have time for a walk on the beach:

Perhaps parasailing beyond the palms?

Or try a different type of travel:

Maybe a trip to a historic sight:

Or maybe a day fishing:

Even the sport of fishing has overachievers!:

Perhaps you'd prefer to watch wildlife instead of catching it:

Maybe wildlife less dangerous than the alligator you see above (you see it, right?):

Swimsuit season is almost over:  eat ice cream!

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