Saturday, September 8, 2012

Time Remains for the Water: A Photo Essay

Three weeks ago, we'd have been flying to Maryland for what has become an annual sailing trip with my sister, her husband, and their son.  What fun we had! 

I love to see a different shoreline:

We went crabbing from the marina dock:

we actually ate what we caught.  I think I could eat fresh-caught crabs every night and not get tired of them. 

Of course, melted butter makes everything taste better.

While on the shore, there's time for a sword fight; I like this shot of the sword fighters in the foliage:

How I would love a bayside cottage:

Especially if that bayside cottage comes with a swing at the shore:

We anchored out on a mooring ball in the Annapolis Harbor:

It's a great place to see the sunset:

It's a great place to see the sunrise:

By the end of next summer, I want to try this:

Many of us still have a few weeks of summery weather left; some of us, in the lowest lower 48 will have several months of summery weather.  There's still time to experience some summer joys one or two more times!  Maybe I'll try paddle boarding before Halloween . . .

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Kathleen said...

Wonderful pix. Thinking of you.