Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Eve

It seems there should be some kind of tradition for the day before Election Day, something beyond screening the phone calls.

I did have fun in Williamsburg.  I picked up the phone, and the voice asked to speak to my father, or any other person registered to vote who resided at the address of the phone.  I said, "I'm registered to vote in Florida."  The caller was completely flummoxed.  He said, "Well, I do need to talk to Florida registered voters, but that's not this phone call."  I said, "I'm your only option."

Encountering a voter registered in a different state was clearly not part of the script.  Finally, I decided to stop this agony.  I said, "I'm going to hang up now so that you can keep calling people on your list so that you're more likely to make your quota."

No, I don't want to spend today fending off the telephone callers.  I don't want to see one more political ad.  I'm weary to the bone when it comes to talking about election issues.  If one more person utters the words "voter suppression," I may have to stuff my ears with cotton batting and refuse to leave my office.

I'd like something more life affirming than those fountains of spewing negativity.  I'd like good food to eat.  I'd like to spend some time visioning a brighter future.  I'm tired of feeling fearful.

I predict that we won't be put out of our collective misery by tomorrow night.  I predict that there will be too many ballots still coming in that have to be counted by hand.

I could be wrong.  Maybe all the polls are wrong, and one candidate is headed for a landslide victory, an unmistakable event that doesn't demand a recount.  It's happened before.

Maybe today I'll  do some mending. I have holes in seams that need a few stitches. I have buttons that need to be returned to clothes.  Restoring my clothes to order always restores calm.  Sewing a straight seam feels soothing.

Maybe I'll spend some time today writing a poem.  It feels like a long time since I've done that.  That would feel life affirming. 

Maybe I'll prepare some poetry packets for submission.  That would feel like a vote for a brighter future.  Or maybe I'll start working on the essays that are due in December.  That, too, would feel like a vote for a brighter future.

I created a harvest stew that I'll take to the office for lunch (maybe I'll post a recipe later; it's very simple, but not vegetarian).  I have zucchini muffins made by a friend.  I'll be sure to eat nourishing food today to keep up my strength for what's to come.

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