Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunday Sorting

After my nap yesterday, I spent much of the afternoon doing tasks I wouldn't have had to do if I had just stayed on top of them from the beginning.  So, on the one hand, I feel like I accomplished a lot.  On the other, it's difficult to keep from saying, "If you had just shredded these retirement account documents when they first came in 2008, you wouldn't have to do that now."

Let you think I had a huge pile of those kinds of documents, I didn't:  just a stray envelope that somehow made it to the top of my desk where it sat for years.

I sorted, shredded, filed, tossed into the recycling bin, and at the end of the night, I had a straighter desk.  It felt both satisfying and exasperating.

I've also been sorting through bookcases, which means sorting books, but also dealing with the stuff that makes its way to the tops of the bookcases.

Long ago, when my local fabric store had cheaper fabrics, I planned to assemble sewing kits for Lutheran World Relief.  I picked up fabrics on sale, and the other items that were supposed to go in the kits:  thread, needles, and buttons.  Yesterday, I found the unmailed box with unassembled kits.

Since I started collecting, the requirements have changed.  Now instead of 3 yards of fabric, we need 2 pieces of 3 yards of fabric in each piece.  No buttons, no needles, but two spools of thread.

So, yesterday afternoon when I needed a diversion, I headed to the fabric store and bought an additional piece of fabric.  I assembled two kits and put them in a box,, which I sealed and addressed (a step that often goes undone for weeks--or more).  Now they're ready to mail.

Again, it feels like I accomplished something, but it also feels like I should have done it years ago.

Was I just procrastinating on writing projects by doing this cleaning and sorting yesterday?  Or was I getting a jump start on tasks that will have to happen when we move?

The answer to both questions:  "Yes."

Tomorrow, I shall write a poem!  Today, I'll be on the lookout for threads that could be woven into a satisfying cloth.

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