Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Ghosts of Halloweens Past

--Today is the actual day in 1517 that Martin Luther nailed his theses to the Wittenberg door.  For those of you who expected me to write about Reformation Day, you will not be disappointed.  You will just need to migrate to this post on the Living Lutheran site.

--The World Series came to an end last night, which means that we won't have to choose between Halloween and baseball.  I remember in 1979 or 1980, my grandparents on my mom's side were visiting us.  My grandfather watched every night of the Series while they were at our house--including Halloween.  My sister and I couldn't believe he'd rather watch baseball than go out trick-or-treating with us.

--Of course, I was in my early teens, so I wasn't really trick-or-treating--just supervising my younger sister.  I took a pillow case with me, just in case anyone wanted to give me candy too.  Most people did.

--Years before, when I was the kid trick-or-treating, I devised a witch costume.  I put my mom's green eye shadow all over my face.  I spent the next few days feeling itchy and looking slightly green.

--I had a similar experience years later in college when I dressed like a punk girl.  I put a green streak in my hair.  It took days to wash out.

--What do our costumes say about us?  I know that punk girl is close to my heart; she's emerged from costume attempts throughout the years.  I like her "I can do anything" approach to life.  I like her fearlessness.  I like that she stands up to authority that's abusing its power.  I want to be that girl.  I want to form a band with that girl so that she can teach me to play the guitar.

--I should write a life guide offered by your inner punk girl.  What would that look like?  A little book of short meditations.  Or a multimedia event that shows up at unexpected spots around the city.

--I will have to live to be 158 years old to fully explore all the creative ideas I have--and that's only if I stop having them right now.  And it's not even 6 a.m. yet, and I just got another one.  Sigh.

--But I digress:  back to Halloween.  My favorite Halloween memory at my current school comes from 2009, when I helped with the pumpkin decorating.  In the past, it had been a simple carving station.  But I brought all my yarns, my button tin, paints, and some fabric.  The students had a great time.  It was fun to watch them discover that they could use any of my fabric/fiber supplies that they wanted and to watch the wonderful creations they crafted.

Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures.  Above you see a close up of some pumpkins on the stairs.  I made the pirate pumpkin with the teal eye patch.

--Once the Culinary department made haunted gingerbread houses--amazingly, intricate designs.  I always loved looking at them.

--Here's a close-up:

--Once, I made cookies in the shape of pumpkins and decorated them.  Once I made several batches a year, each and every year.  I can't remember the last time I made Halloween cookies.  They're labor intensive, with all the rolling and cutting and decorating.  These years, I make bar cookies, if I make cookies at all.

--Maybe I'll make an apple crisp for breakfast.  Yes I will.  Our Halloween highs will be in the mid-80's.  I have to do something to get in an autumnal mood.

--Tonight we will give out candy at our new house.  We're expecting more trick-or-treaters.  We live in a safer neighborhood.  But I must admit, even in this safer neighborhood, I'm not aware of a lot of children who live here.  And it's not a gated neighborhood. 

--We may also walk to friends who live a few blocks away.  They're having a Halloween open house.  What a treat to have friends in walking distance.

--Speaking of treats, I must go--my apple crisp is ready to come out of the oven!

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