Sunday, January 4, 2015

Into the Traffic Snarls, Into the Woods

Yesterday I went to see Into the Woods.  At times, I thought I wouldn't get there.  I wondered if the universe was trying to tell me something.

At one point, we had a much larger group going.  One by one, most of the group cancelled.  Still, there was my English major/writing friend and her daughter who still wanted to go.  So, off I went.

Ah, Saturday in Ft. Lauderdale during the high season--I encountered traffic snarls at every turn.  I got rerouted because of an arts festival on Las Olas and found myself going to the beach.  I wasn't so annoyed that I couldn't see the humor in the situation; I as had driven past 17th Street and taken note of the back up, I thought, I sure am glad I'm not going to the beach today.  While getting back to the mainland,  I got stuck waiting for a drawbridge to close.

Luckily, we had planned to get to the theatre a half hour before the start time, so we had unwittingly built in time for these snafus.  Happily, the show had not sold out, which was my worry as I sat in traffic.  I still had time to get popcorn.

What a great movie!  I had forgotten what a treasure those songs are.  I had forgotten the joys of a master playwright visiting fairy tales and weaving them together in new ways.  And what a treat to see a movie on a big screen--to fully appreciate the costumes and the facial expressions.

I was impressed with how the songs wove together too.  I was so happy with the humor in the movie--what a treat!  It was great to see it with my friend and her daughter, people who aren't afraid to laugh along with me in a mostly empty movie theatre.  At points, I heard one of them singing, also a treat.

I've decided to write a short story a month, and my plan is to have a word that inspires the writing.  Last month, my writer friend and I had great luck with the word "shadowbox."  Yesterday's movie gave me the word for January:  "spell."  My friend is willing.

I feel lucky to have these kinds of friends:  friends who will create with me, friends who will meet me at the movies, friends who give me motivation to see a movie I might otherwise have missed. May I always have these friends as part of my gratitude list!

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Kathleen said...

I loved Into the Woods, too!