Friday, February 13, 2015

Monks and Valentine's Day

Yesterday's post linked to poems (mine and others) for Valentine's Day.  Today, a different sort of writing for Valentine's Day.

In yesterday's post, I wrote about the theology in the poem, "Is it my theology?  No.  I didn't intend it as theology--I save that writing for other outlets."  And today, you can see an example of that theology.  My post about monks and marriage is up at the Living Lutheran site.

The post admits the salacious sound of the idea:  “'All I need to know about marriage I learned from a monk!' It’s a bad movie, just waiting to be made. But in all seriousness, the monks have much to teach us about deep commitment. It’s a similar commitment to love that we see from our creator."

The post goes on to consider people in committed relationships and how that commitment is similar to the vow of stability (commitment to place) that monks make. 

I could make similar argument for the commitment that many creative people make to their art.  We need to keep creating, and if we're lucky, we're part of a larger community that keeps us anchored in our commitment.  We are more likely to stay in our committed relationships if we have more support in wider networks.

So, as we hurtle towards Valentine's Day, let us recommit to our art.  Let's send cards, flowers, and chocolate to our muses.  Let's remember the larger communities that keep us anchored in our creative practices and send our gratitude.

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