Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bright Stars of the Morning

I know that Venus and Jupiter are not planets, but the phrase "bright planets of the morning" doesn't have the right cadence.

I have been watching Venus from my writing room window for weeks now.  And this morning, I can also see Jupiter.  Soon the moon will rise a bit higher.  I'm not really seeing Mercury yet.

Pam Ward-Reagan's picture

Later in the month, we will be able to see 2 other planets with our naked eyes.  For more on this morning's sky layout, go to this site.  The moon is beautiful this morning:  a slim crescent with the outline of the moon above it.

I'm reminded of an old saying about the old moon cradling the new moon in its arms.  But I don't have any cameras that can capture what I saw this morning.

I was up many hours before the moon rose.  I sent off 4 short stories to 4 journals.  I wrote a new poem and took the skeleton of a poem from a year ago that I never finished and filled in the blanks.  I made a veggie risotto (recipe here), since I had an eggplant and peppers that weren't going to last much longer.

I thought about grading papers but decided that could wait until later today.

My spouse thinks that if I set the alarm, I would sleep later; his theory is that I wake up early because I am so afraid I will oversleep.

My theory is that I wake up in the hope of having the kind of morning like I've just had.

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