Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Reasons for Hope in a Season of Rejection

--If you're looking for something to help you feel hopeful again, see this post on my theology blog.  I love the story of Christians at a Trump rally on Monday who linked arms to form a human barrier between different protesters who might otherwise have tried to hurt each other physically.

--I know that Christians don't always act on their faithful convictions.  That makes these kinds of stories even more valuable to me.

--I noticed that the national news had nothing about this story.  I confess I have not done an exhaustive search.

--Last night, I got home and took advantage of the extra hour of daylight to spray weedkiller on the sprouts that persist in pushing up between the paver bricks.  And then I headed inside to listen to campaign results.

--Although I haven't always liked him, I felt sad for Marco Rubio.  I felt the same when Jeb Bush left the race.

--Why would I feel sad?  Because they once had so much promise, but now cannot go forward?  Perhaps.  Because they are fellow Floridians?  No, that's not it.  They seemed legitimate, in ways that others did not--thus, I didn't feel sad when the dilettantes left the race.  But Rubio and Bush once had potential, and may still.  I understand how it feels to be thwarted, even if it may be temporary.

--I worry that we're in a season of rejection.  I worry about what's coming.

--So yes, let me return to the activities that give me hope.  Tomorrow I'll finish my latest piece on the Purgatory Project:  God on retreat. 

--What I'd really like to do:  some sewing of straight seams.  That would be soothing.

--But that's not my day today--off to spin class, which soothes in a different way.  And then my long day at work.  But I've brought poetry notebooks.  It's time to type new work into old computers.

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