Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Administrator Work Week: Film Shoots, Cermonies, and Open Houses

This is a huge week at work, a week that doesn't end until after Open House on Saturday.  On Monday, we had a film shoot at our school.  It sounds glamorous, doesn't it?  But no, we weren't a site for a new movie with traditional movie stars.  A company that makes a software program that we use wanted to use our school for the promotional film they needed to create.

I spent weeks before their arrival figuring out how to move classes so that they'd have space available and looking for volunteers to be in the film.  They needed to film about 30 scenes, so there were many ways that it could have gone wrong. Happily, it was a successful day, and the impact on classes was minimal.

Our Open House is also requiring a lot of advance planning.  We're serving food, and we decided on a Mexican fiesta theme.  Yesterday I went on a scouting mission for food--to make sure that our plans for all-you-can-eat tacos will work.

I am here to report that there's a whole world of prepared food that I only sort of knew existed.  Not only can we get cooked and frozen taco meat, but also canned.  I'm now envisioning a marketing plan that can help Admissions numbers and retention both: free taco Tuesday every week! Or maybe Free Flan Friday!

And I'm only partly joking.

Today is another huge day.  My school is part of the Davie-Cooper City Chamber of Commerce, and the Education Committee gives out scholarships today.  Since I was part of that committee, I'll go to the breakfast awards ceremony at the Chamber and the evening awards ceremony at the high school.

These are all events that I'm happy to be part of, but I do confess to wishing that they weren't all happening in the same week.  But my larger emotion is gratitude:  it's weeks like these that remind me again and again that I'm surrounded by a great group of colleagues and students.

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