Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Of Summits and Air Conditioners

I have occasionally gone through my old journals looking for a reference to huge world events that were happening--rarely do I find it.  I wonder if in later years, I'll feel the same way about this blog.

It's hard to know what the future will see as trajectory changing events.  Take for example, this week's "summit," which seemed to last for the space of a dinner and agreement signing with President Trump and the dictator of North Korea.  Will it be seen as a huge event?  If so, in what way?  Will it lead to a denuclearized Korean peninsula?  Will it buy North Korea time to expand their nuclear program to become a bigger threat?

From what I can tell, the agreement that was signed doesn't offer much that's different.  But I remember other agreements where I shrugged, but they turned out to be important in ways we couldn't have anticipated.  So I'll be open minded.  It's better to have these leaders meeting than threatening and blustering from a distance--I think.

From my perspective, which is limited, the bigger news story seems to be Trump's behavior regarding Europe and Canada.  I look at this week's stories, and I shake my head.  Trump meets with a brutal dictator while launching a trade war with our allies and threatening further sanctions.

Right now, I confess that my focus is more local and less political.  I still have one class left to staff for our summer term which will start in 2 weeks.  We are having issues with the AC system that was installed in the cottage just a few months ago--insert a heavy sigh here.  I am trying to get the cottage ready for the Luther Springs camp counselors who will be here the last Sunday in June, which is fast approaching.  It will be rustic, but if we can get the AC back to operational, it will be adequate.  The counselors signed up for a camp experience, after all.

My writing time grows ever scarcer--but that's because I'm managing to get a bit more sleep, despite my various aches and pains.  Time to head to spin class!

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