Friday, December 7, 2018

Thursday Creativity Report: Much Sketching plus a Poem and an Altar

Although yesterday was a very long day, it was a great day in terms of creativity.  I began the day by making a sketch.   I took time to go to the back of the sketch I made when refilling my ink(wish I had thought to take a picture of the reverse page before I started sketching on it--drat!):

The other side of the page had blobs that reminded me of planets or electrons. As I sketched, the lyrics of an old song by the Police came into my head. When finished, I'm also seeing beads on a string.

Then I created my window sill Advent wreath, which I blogged about yesterday.  Before I left for school, I wrote a poem.

School felt hectic:  shopping for our Meet and Greet (a combination Open House, pre-Orientation, student festival event) and then the actual Meet and Greet.  I had to stay late to sub for a faculty member.  In a way, it was easy.  I was proctoring an open book, open note exam.  But in a way, it took forever, since it was clear to me that many of the students hadn't prepared (lots of consulting of the book's index).

I took advantage of the time to make two additional sketches.  The first one was pondering the book we're reading in my online journaling class:

The next one was more a simple artistic expression, although I'm seeing elements that keep emerging in my journaling work.

I've been experimenting with the little black marks that remind me of quilting seams.  I'm fascinated by how they punctuate the image and enhance it.  I love the meditative calm that comes to me when I'm creating the "seams."

I confess that I'm more exhausted than usual this morning.  I didn't leave campus until 9:15 last night, and I need to be at campus for a 9 a.m. class where I'm subbing for a different teacher.  But as I think about my creative day yesterday, my exhaustion turns into that good kind of tired.

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