Monday, August 5, 2019

Not the Staycation I Had in Mind

I had been calling this week-end a staycation, even though it was just a regular week-end.  We committed to no commitments except for church.  We had in mind some things we might do.  Or maybe it was just me that had some activities in mind. 

I thought we might do some of the things we only do when we have visitors:  maybe go to the brewery at the beach or make tropical drinks to enjoy by the pool.  But the weather was iffy to downright rainy, so we didn't do that.

As with every week-end, I thought we might do some unpacking of the boxes that are out in the cottage.  We got the kitchen boxes unpacked and the CDs and videos put away.  Why does that not feel more significant?  Why does it take so long to put CDs away in alphabetical order?

We watched Thelma and Louise Saturday night--I own a copy of the movie, and we needed a mindless way to spend the night. What a great movie. Sad that it is still so relevant in terms of violence/harassment against women.

That experience made me miss the old DVD player.  We have a computer connected to our Smart TV, but the DVD player doesn't always want to work.  On Saturday, we had trouble with not one but two laptops.  Sigh.  But we did finally watch something beyond cooking shows or the dreadful news.

On Sunday, we had another day of delightful feminist viewing--there's a great American Masters episode on Ursula K. Le Guin--and it's available to view online.  These episodes don't always stay available, so I was glad that we took the opportunity to watch it, while the next round of rain came.

And of course, there was the grading that I did, the grading that felt endless.  We are at the end of summer semester for my online classes, so the necessity of grading wasn't unexpected.  I just thought I might have some times to read.

And now, all too quickly, it's time to head back to work.  Time to make the bread run.

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