Thursday, September 5, 2019

If Your Poem Could Be a Film

Yesterday I saw this call for submissions for both poets and filmmakers.  Throughout the day, my thoughts returned to my poems.  Which ones would make the best films?

Should I choose one that tells a story?  I'm guessing that filmmakers might be less interested in those--why wouldn't they choose short stories or novels if they want to tell a story?

Should I choose one that has strong images?  And should I make sure those images would be filmable?  For example, if a poem had lots of nuclear explosions, that might not be easy.  Or maybe a filmmaker would like that challenge.

The submission can't be more than 5 pages, but those 5 pages can contain multiple poems.  Would it be better to have several poems or one longer poem?

I thought about how I would film one of those poems, but filmmaking would likely mean learning lots of new skills, at least the kind of film I'd like to make.

I found myself thinking of my neglected sketchbooks and the ideas I had about creating illuminations of some kind for my poems.  Maybe it's time to return to those ideas.

In the meantime, I've been using this down time to get back to writing my apocalyptic novel.  It's going in directions I didn't expect--what fun!

Now for the not-fun part of my day; I'm off to the dentist.

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