Wednesday, January 8, 2014

First Week of January Gratitude List

Today is a day of many meetings and faculty development sessions.  Unlike some years, we don't have competing faculty development sessions going on at the same time--and I'm glad, because the sessions sound interesting.

Still, it's likely to be a long-feeling day.  So, to keep myself grounded, let me remember some of the delights of the past several weeks, along with some hopes I have for January and February.

--I've been in a great writing period.  I've been getting some work on the memoir done each week, along with poems.  Now it's time to start sending poems out into the world.

--After finally admitting defeat after spending over an hour looking for the poems that were supposed to be in my online class shell, I wrote to the course developer.  They were there, but not where I expected them.  The course developer was very nice about it.  And I'm glad I wrote, because if I couldn't find them, I'm sure students, at least a few, will be confused.

--On Monday morning, my mom and I watched a man on the bank of a lake.  He had a bubble wand which blew huge bubbles.  The bubbles were magical to watch.  I'd like to have one of those to help me restore the wonder whenever I need to recharge.

--We had a great visit with my parents.  We've been to various parts of south and central Florida and had a great time exploring together.

--Today my spouse starts his music theory class.  I hope he learns a lot and teaches it to me!  But more importantly, I hope he has a good experience, full of knowledge and new friends and new opportunities.

--My brother-in-law is making progress towards his dream of relocating to Florida.  Much the way buying a house has changed radically since the last time we bought a house, so has renting a house.  Now the process is full of background checks and credit checks and realtors and references.  But the process is underway for him.

--I'm surrounded by friends who have good publishing news.  It leaves me inspired.  If one--or more!--of us can make it, there's no reason why we can't all make it.

--We are approaching the 1 year anniversary of my spouse's successful back surgery.  I'm grateful for all kinds of things, but this one tops the list.  Every list.

--I will spend time during today's meetings thinking about what great colleagues I have and how lucky I am to spend my work life surrounded by good people.

--I'm ready for a new year with my new laptop.  I love my laptop.  I regret that I had it for several months before I used it, but I'm forgiving myself for that.  I wonder why I think of myself as bad with technology, when I'm really not.  Why should I fear technology?  My experiences have been mostly good.

--It's time to start living more intentionally, to think about my assumptions, to make sure they're still working for me here at midlife.  What writing projects are most important?  What subjects really interest me?  What am I good at?  What should I let go of?

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