Monday, November 9, 2015

To Quilt a Sunday

--Yesterday my quilting group met, and I made some headway on getting the quilts ready to assemble for our next church quilting for Lutheran World Relief.  We've been working on these quilts since June, when we made the tops as part of a Vacation Bible School project.

--I may go to the only Lutheran church in the U.S. that has no group of little old ladies who quilt.  At a retreat, we heard about a group that has made hundreds of quilts in the past year, which has been a typical year for them.  I remind myself that we're a quilting group made of people with families and jobs and other responsibilities which keep us from quilting.

--I think of a folk music friend I knew years ago.  He had COPD, so he tired easily and couldn't do much.  But he could knit and crochet.  He made dozens of prayer shawls every month--almost more than his small church could use.

--Even though I expect to be able to buy supplies with money from a microgrant that I applied for, I'm still looking at the fabric at my house in different ways.  Last year I bought a piece of fleece for a tablecloth.  I was hoping for a butterscotch color, but it's really more of a bright orange than I want.  I only use it a month or two a year, and it's just not the color that I want.  So, it's on its way to becoming part of a quilt.

--At the end of a productive day, I spent some time floating in the pool.  Yes, on Nov. 8, in my unheated pool--and we were fairly comfortable.  It wasn't August, bathwater warm, but it wasn't the usual cold we'd have by now.

--There are days when I think about my love of quilting in a time of global warming.  But Lutheran World Relief would point out that even if no one needed a quilt to keep them warm, they'd still use them for floor coverings and other ways.

--As with much of the work we do, we send the quilts off and hope for the best.  I hope that they stay stitched together.  I hope they are useful.

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