Monday, January 22, 2018

Monday Weariness

I am tired this morning--is it a good tired?

--I spent much of the week-end cooking for gatherings that would end up being smaller than anticipated.  One of our Saturday quilt group members got sick, and our family gathering yesterday ended up being 2 adults coming over, not the 5 that it could have been.

--So, we have plenty of food for the week, but I do end the week-end feeling like I did endless dishes in between running back and forth to the grocery store.

--I also did some cleaning up in anticipation of the various folks coming over.  That work needed to be done, so I have no regrets.

--At least I don't have to determine whether or not I'm an essential worker in day 3 of the government shutdown.  At least I'm not trying to do something that needs a government employee to verify something.

--I do wonder how this might affect student financial aid, if it continues very long.  That's one way the government shutdown might affect my workplace. 

--I have friends and family who are government employees or work in places run by government employees.  If this shutdown lasts very long, I imagine they will be more tired than I feel this morning.

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