Thursday, December 17, 2020

Days of Inspiration and Gingerbread

Tuesday as I hauled a crate of Financial Aid files out of the trunk and across the Ft. Lauderdale campus, I thought, oh, this is why my back aches.  On Monday, I also lugged a heavy crate as I delivered FA files to the main campus.  The FA director for my campus is out and has been for over 2 weeks, so the main campus is trying to help him not be so behind when he returns, and I'm happy to help in that effort.

At the time, I was thinking that it was good to get some upper body workout, but this morning, I'm sore in odd places. It's another way that my administrator life is not exactly what I had planned.  But perhaps that's the message of both midlife and mid-pandemic--life is not exactly what we planned.

But there is hot, strong coffee in the morning and a variety of tea, and gingerbread for a treat, and bread for times when we should eat more sensibly. 

In later years, when I wonder why my blogging fell off a bit, let me remember that these have been days of getting to campus early so that Vet Tech faculty could get set up for final lab practicals.  Let me remember the grading in the wee, small hours of the morning, wee, small hours that seeped into the regular morning hours.

I wish I could say that I was blogging less because I was writing more poetry, but that was only true one day.  I had a goal of writing a poem a day during Advent, and I was faithful for about a week, but I've completely dropped off.

However, I have some ideas for poems, which I might have never had, if I hadn't been looking for daily observations.  Now to get those poems written before I forget them.  One is menopausal Jesus who feels the rage that comes with wondering when it will finally be his turn.  And of course, I can't remember the idea I had for the other poem, but it may come back to me at some later point--and then I'll amend this post.

For me, this process is similar to knowing I had an interesting dream, but I can't remember it.  And if I stop trying, some times, it comes back to me in a flash, and I wonder at the fact that I ever forgot it.  Poem ideas are similar.  I feel lucky to have them and lucky that they don't abandon me when I can't write them down quickly enough.

Update:  On Monday evening, I saw a woman with a shopping cart, but I wasn't sure what was sticking out of it--a beach umbrella?  a sleeping mat?  a lounge chair?  Was she just hauling lots of stuff back from the beach or was she hauling all her stuff around?

On Tuesday morning, I saw the cart first during my pre-dawn walk, and then I saw the woman stretched out beside it.  It was at a house that was for sale, on a driveway covered with a canopy.  

All day I thought about the woman and the Nativity story about there being no room in the inn.  It's too obvious a connection.  But I do wonder if there's a different poem lingering in the background.

Update #2:  As I was proctoring a Vet Tech exam, my other idea for a poem came to me.  And so I wrote it, while the students took their final.

This Is Just To Say 

I have eaten 
the last pair 
of gingerbread creatures 

which you were probably 
to propagate 
a new species 

Forgive me 
they were spicy 
tasting of the tropics 
and resources to plunder 

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