Monday, June 26, 2023

John the Baptist Inspired Stanzas

My morning has gotten away from me.  You might say, "There's still plenty of morning--what are you talking about?"  But I do have grading to do, ahead of my deadline to turn in final grades tomorrow.  At some point this morning, the microwave installers will come, so I don't want to get too deeply into writing that takes much thought.

So let me do a poem process writing post here.  Yesterday, these two lines came to me.  Those of you not steeped in feast days or prophets or the early parts of New Testament Gospels may not recognize John the Baptist, whose feast day was on Saturday--shorthand for saying that I wasn't surprised when these lines floated up through my brain late yesterday as I took a walk: I have eaten your locusts and wild honey / and I am not impressed.  

This morning, I got rid of the second line, and now the stanza looks like this:

I have eaten your locusts and wild honey

And created a new menu with the bones

Of all the deer killed by carelessness.

And then I wanted to write a bit more, but I wasn't sure what.  I peered into my dirty coffee cup and the next stanza emerged:

I drink my wine out of a dirty

coffee mug and bathe in the creek

that comes from the cooling

ponds at the nuclear plant.

I have no idea where this poem is heading or if it is going anywhere.  I'll keep the document open in case anything else bubbles up.   I'm composing on the computer instead of by hand, and for the past few months, I haven't written by hand.  Hmmm--is this change permanent?

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