Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Cassandra in the Mountains

Once again, between Music Week and class work (both for the class I'm taking, looking ahead to Fall,and the ones I'm teaching), my writing time is short.  I did want to make note of record water temperatures in the ocean around Florida.  I saw a tweet about water temperatures of 97 degrees, and I remembered a snorkeling trip from 2009, which I wrote about in this blog post.  We went on a day where the temperatures got to 92 degrees, which was record breaking.  The normal temperatures are in the mid-80's at the end of summer.

We're in the middle of summer and shattering records for heat, both in the water and on land.  I am so glad I have a house in the mountains.  I thought about Cassandra, who made predictions that no one believed.  How does Cassandra feel when predictions come true?

It's not a new subject for me, but this morning, I returned to it, as I created some lines that are building into a coherent poem.  Here's a taste:

I cannot save you from the sea,
but I understand how it has bewitched
you, leading you on with false
hopes, thinking maybe you will be spared,
one of the lucky ones to emerge
with your habitat sustained
while others bleach and burn.

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