Thursday, May 7, 2009

Off Again

I'm headed away from the computer again for a few days. I've been chosen as a voting lay delegate (as opposed to ordained delegates) at Synod Assembly (the Lutheran church is divided into synods by region, and these synods gather once a year to vote on various pieces of legislation and to elect leaders).

Will it be a mountain-top experience like a retreat at Lutheridge? Will it be more like a multiple day department meeting? I shall report back.

While I'm away, I plan to do some thinking about what I'd like to accomplish this summer. I can't believe how April seems to have just slipped through my fingers, and now May seems to be doing the same thing. I did get a lot of poems and scraps that might become poems written down in April. I mailed out some poetry packets. I'd like to return to my poems and think about a different book-length manuscript--more about that when I return!

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