Friday, May 8, 2009

Why We Need More Women in Leadership Positions

Today, our Bishop gave us one bathroom break--one--during a morning of events. And it was 15 minutes long. I thought, of course, he's a man, he doesn't understand the logistics of the ladies' room, with lines that form and snake down the concourse.

So, I played with a poem idea which grew into a book idea. Could one create a whole series of poems centered around reasons why we need women in leadership? Reason #173 why we need more women in leadership positions: we need people who understand bathroom logistics and plan breaks accordingly. Write it up in poem form.

So, there's your writing prompt. Or here's another: write the previous 172 reasons in poetry form.

And here's reason #174: I grow so weary of sports metaphors for ministry, for team building, for . . . oh for everything. Write a poem. Go.


Shefali Shah Choksi said...

Probably you left this comment a few days ago, but i just saw it: very appropriate for a day that celebrates the most basic of female functions: motherhood! i agree with you! let the women rule, and we can use sewing metaphors and baking metaphors and finally, the world will make sense!

Kristin said...

Thanks for your comment--and Happy Mother's Day!

Monika said...

yes, one could very easily fill an entire book - if not more ! - with reasons for why more women should be in leadership positions. why limit yourself to only 174 reasons? any particular reason?
women should be in leadership positions
because feet hurt when you stand behind a man
for thousands of years
the guy in the front
at least gets to sit down once in a while
whereas women seem to be eternally standing
behind their man
(this should be seen as a battle cry to women who are interested in medicine - become podiatrists !)


Kristin said...

Great poem possibilities--it could stand on its own, or you could make what you have into several other poems.

I love the podiatrist bit!