Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Boxing Day Present!

I just unwrapped the best present! Nic Sebastian reads my poem "Honeybees on Holiday" here. I love, love, LOVE her voice, and her interpretation of my poem made me so happy. Hopefully, it will make you happy too, whether you're shoveling snow, waiting on the blizzard to arrive, cleaning up from festivities, fighting off the post-Christmas blues, searching for those last year-end bargains, or reminding yourself of why you want to be a poet.

Here's hoping that everyone had a very happy holiday--and may we all continue to enjoy this happy holiday season!


Kathleen said...

Happy Boxing Day! Loved hearing the poem, loved reading it and the paragraph of how you got the poem. Yay!

Susan Rich said...

Great news Kristin! Happy Boxing Day! ANd yes, Nic's voice is glorious.

Sandy Longhorn said...

I caught the poem just before we left for the holiday. Lovely! Nic's voice is wonderful and does a great job with your poem.