Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hunker Down in Solidarity!

We have a sunny, hot day in store--very different from what the rest of the East Coast will be experiencing.

I feel an odd envy, similar to what I feel when a big blizzard sweeps through the north.  Even though I know that lots of people will not be having fun as trees crash to the ground and power goes off, I miss that feeling of having to relax and stay in the house.

On a similar note, I love being up very early in the morning.  People ask me, "How can you stand to wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning?"  There's a peacefulness to that early hour.  Most stores are closed, and no one will be calling me.  The world is sound asleep, but I'm blazing with energy--and there's nothing to distract me from my writing desk.  I can't do the grocery shopping, and I don't want to disturb my sleeping spouse by doing household chores.

Maybe I'll have a pretend hurricane day.  It's a strange time when my sister in inland Maryland is facing a worse hurricane than I am--not to mention New York City being under hurricane warning.

My sister plans to make pizza and watch movies--at least until the power goes out.

So, in solidarity with her, I, too, will make pizza and watch movies.  I've gotten some writing tasks done, and perhaps I'll do more.  Maybe I'll read.  Maybe I'll take a nap.  Maybe 2 naps!

Since I'm not really facing a hurricane, I won't fill up the bathtub with water.  If you're hunkering down for real, don't forget to fill up your bathtub and any empty container you've got.  You may think you won't lose water, but as trees come crashing down, the roots can rip out water lines as they come up.  If you lose water, you will need more water than you think you will.

If you do nothing else, get out your flashlights and candles before the power goes out.  Most of us keep our storm supplies in closets, closets which will be dark when the power goes out.

Yes, it's a good day to hunker down.  The week-end before Labor Day--a good time to think about Autumn, and all we hope to accomplish.  Make a list so you'll remember.  It's a good time to sort through closets.  Go ahead and get rid of all those clothes you haven't worn in the past few years.

Or maybe that's too energetic for you.  It's a good day to hibernate, to store up our energies for what's to come.  I've been feeling peaked this week.  In a way, it makes sense.  I've spent the summer working out very hard.  It's been a tough time at work.  The heat is getting to me now.  I have that scratchy throat feeling that's telling me that germs are trying to establish a foothold.

Listening to my body or listening to my laziness?  Hunkering down or rejuvenating? 

Here's hoping that Irene is not as bad as we expect.  Here's hoping that we all emerge blinking into Monday sunlight, saying, "I needed that rest."

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