Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Life Lessons/Reminders, So Far, in January

--Your healthy lifestyle practices are still there, awaiting your return.  Your muscles haven't gotten as flabby as you fear.  You can forsake cookies for breakfast--go back to smoothies or porridge!  You'll remember how to like vegetables.

--Your creative practices wait for you too.  Begin again.  Write the stanza, write the sentence.  Build.

--What you fear may not come to pass.

--Even if what you fear does come to pass, it likely won't be as bad as you imagined.  You may have odd moments or whole days of comfort.

--If you ache with loss, a brief cry is a surprisingly refreshing way to deal with those emotions.

--The car is a fine and private place to have that brief cry.

--It's not a good idea to evaluate your life's progress when playing music from your wayward youth.

--Re-evaluating your life while putting away the Christmas decorations to music of your wayward youth poses particular hazards.

--Re-evaluating your life while putting away the Christmas ornaments while your spouse is playing old Air Supply songs is particularly deadly.

--Why is your spouse listening to horrible pop music from the 80's?  Didn't you cement your relationship early on with your hatred of 80's pippy-poppy music?

--Some mysteries cannot be explained, and we must be content to leave them as mysteries.

--It is good to remember that life could be worse.  You are not on a sinking cruise ship whose captain decided to take a different route.  If your body parts are all working relatively well, you've got good fortune that many people cannot take for granted.  If you've still got people you love on this side of the grave, then you are not alone and desolate.


Sandy Longhorn said...

Wonderful and excellent and a great reminder as I was rushing through the morning. Blessings.

Kristin said...

Thanks for commenting! I always worry about striking the right balance with these kind of posts. Most of all, I want to avoid being preachy or Pollyanna-ish.


Particularly liked the last item, Kristin. I checked my body parts, and despite the aging pains and creaking bones, am still feeling great at 69, and there are the 10 grandkids whose smiles and high-fives are still charging my whole being with the Spirit's energy!Thanks for this, Kristin.

Inab said...

Loved your post -especially as I moaned over a weekend of too much rich food which "hit the scales". But 'll be glad I could eat and try again tomorrow to eat more carefully!