Thursday, April 12, 2012

What to do in Williamsburg when it's sunny

After our first visit to Williamsburg I wrote a post about what to do in Williamsburg when it rains.  On our last visit, we had beautiful, Spring weather.

What can we do in Williamsburg when it's sunny?  Plenty, as it turns out.

Of course, there's colonial Williamsburg to explore.  Above, the map of the town in metal, and below, a miniature.  Both are at the Visitor's Center.

Or maybe you'd prefer to take a carriage ride.

Or maybe ride a bike!

Sunny weather makes for a great sword fight!

For even more fun, assemble costumes and fight as your favorite superhero or superheroine!

Spring is a great time to work in the garden.

Is it more enjoyable to work in the garden in colonial clothes?

I love the gardening implements against a shed so much that I needed a close up!

Maybe instead of getting your hands in the dirt, you want to sit in a bench near the dirt and contemplate the tulips.

Or maybe you'd like to contemplate a colonial cottage.

Even a cemetery is nice on a Spring day:  a reminder to enjoy our time on this side of the grass.

Below, another colonial site, Jamestown, as viewed from the ferry.  The ferry's name?  The Pocahontas, of course!

When in doubt, skip rocks!

Or simply go to the pirate ship playground.

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