Saturday, December 22, 2012

Writing Prompts: The Eschatology Edition

Are we dead yet?  Is the world still here?

I'm willing to bet that we are still here.  I'm willing to bet that the sun will rise on a new day, just as it has done on the day after the world ends so many times before.

I know, I know, the Mayan calendar came to a halt yesterday.  In addition, we've had some kind of galactic alignment, something about our solar system coming as close to the middle of the Milky Way as it will ever be. 

Wait, I've heard about Harmonic Convergences before.

What does one serve for dinner on the day that the world didn't end? We've been granted a reprieve. Create a menu!

For those of you wanting a more detailed, less tongue in cheek, more science-based explanation, see this post.  For the rest of us, I think we should write a poem.

Why did the Mayan calendar end?  What happened to the calendar maker?

Or write a poem full of energy and zest.  Make those words come into alignment.

Write a short story set 100 years in the future when people fully understand the import of the Mayan calendar.  Or write a short story set thousands of years in the future, when future beings look at some artifact from our time, and create a grand mythology around it.  Would that artifact be something terribly mundane, like a collection of coffee mugs from tourist sites?  Or would it be something that has import that's hidden to the vast majority of us in our time period (I'm looking at my collection of poetry collections and literary textbooks).

Or maybe you're tired of words and you want a more visual prompt.  Well, take a calendar page of any size and create your own, illustrated calendar.  You say you can't draw?  Draw with colored markers and enjoy the gush of ink.  Or put together a collage.

Tomorrow:  my poem about why the Mayan calendar maker stopped at the year 2012.

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