Monday, August 12, 2013

Fragments from a Fragmented Week

I still don't have my computer set up at home, and it still doesn't have a wireless network adapter so that's why blogging has been sparser than usual. I'm hoping to get things more settled in this coming week so that I can get back to some productive writing patterns.

But in the meantime, some random thoughts, collected from the past few days:

--On Friday, we met with a realtor.  The old house is on the market!

--On Saturday, we moved all the remaining stuff out of the old house and cleaned.  It's a good thing we did that because the house was shown several times on Saturday.

--I continue to marvel over how much stuff we've accumulated.  Once I could fit everything I owned into the trunk of a car--then it took the whole car.  And we don't have children or pets or any of the other family members who would make the scaling back even more difficult.

--I was the judge of a chili cook-off yesterday.  Does that sound prestigious or simply odd?  It was an event at my church, so it was not a high-gloss affair, but it was still fun.  One of the contestants had wild boar as an ingredient--quite tasty.  All in all, it was a great time and a good way to get some solid food.

--Not only are my writing patterns off, my eating patterns are off.  I get right to work moving stuff early in the morning, and before I know it, it's lunch time, and I haven't even eaten breakfast.

--It's a great weight-loss plan.  And I have plenty of stored calories (regular people would call it body fat), so I'm not in danger of looking gaunt.  I should start taking a multi-vitamin if I'm going to continue to eat this way.

--I do need to get back to eating vegetables.

--We're still working on getting used to the kitchen.  It's a small, galley-type kitchen.  But if I pretend I'm on a sailboat, it feels huge. 

--I also remind myself that it's a larger space than many people have.  Maybe I should pretend that I'm stationed somewhere exotic.

--In a way, I am.

--One advantage to having less computer and Internet access:  I'm getting more reading done.  John Irving's latest book, In One Person, is intriguing.  Ayelet Waldman's Red Hook Road is a great exploration of family and class.  And Ron Rash writes so gorgeously.  Don't miss The Cove.

--Each day, I'm also trying to do some of the activities which made me want to move to the new house:  swimming in the pool, walking to the beach, that kind of thing.  On Saturday night, we walked to the lake that's only a few blocks away.

--We've been outdoors a lot, but we haven't seen any meteors.  We're not in a great place for that.

--We got all our pictures hung.  The house feels more like our home now.

--I'm ready to be more settled.  Having the option to take our time with moving has been both a blessing and a problem.  First world problems, I know.

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