Friday, September 20, 2013

Magical Minutes and Seasonal Shifts

Yesterday afternoon I was on the phone with my spouse when the Goodyear blimp went by my window.

Why does the Goodyear blimp seem so magical?

It also seemed very close.  It was following the Intracoastal, and my office is just blocks away.

And then, something even more wonderful.  I said, "I have to get off the phone.  There's a Culinary student in my office door, and he's got something in his hands."

Perhaps I should have clarified, especially in the wake of Navy Yard shootings.  But sometimes, a Culinary student appears bearing gifts, and he's really got a gift in his hand.

He had an extra apple tart and one of our chef friends downstairs wondered if we'd like it.  Oh to work in a department where there's an extra apple tart, instead of an extra Excel spreadsheet!

But if we can't work in that office, at least we work above the Culinary space, where occasionally, in the same 5 minutes, I look up to see the Goodyear blimp followed by a culinary student with a tart.

I wish for us all a Friday followed by a week-end full of magical moments.  My blogging will be light this week-end, as I am off to a retreat with some women friends.  For years I've wanted to go with them, and the retreat has always been on a week-end when I had conflicts.

But this week-end worked out, and so, off I go, with a van of women friends to Luther Springs, a sister camp to my beloved Lutheridge.  I'm not sure what to expect, as it's not the kind of retreat I usually attend.  But it will be a chance to be with good friends and get to know them better, to be out in nature and a different kind of nature than my usual surroundings, and to have a moment to breathe in and out.

It's been a breathless summer.  It's been a summer full of good things and many happinesses, but I'm ready for a shift in seasons.

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Margie said...

I do hope the retreat with your friends has many magical moments to treasure!