Monday, September 30, 2013

Snow, South Florida Style

The other morning (a few weeks ago), I pulled into my driveway.  It had been raining and was still overcast.  All the surfaces glistened.

I looked at the bush (pictured below), and my first thought was that it had snowed!

Here's an even closer shot:

But of course, it hadn't snowed.  Even on an overcast morning, September temperatures rarely get below 78 degrees.

Above you see the real culprit.  One of our royal palms was shedding.  I don't know enough about these trees to tell you why this happens.  But overnight, it seemed to sprout this white bunch of fronds that released a lot of powdery stuff.

You're saying, "Powdery stuff, eh?  Typical South Florida!"

It also looks a bit like the bush has been sprinkled with parmesan cheese.  It's not the kind of photos that people usually post to their blogs, as summer shifts into fall.  I have no pictures of leaves turning or trees blazing.

I'm still fascinated by all the new-to-me foliage at our house.  We've only moved 2 miles away, but the landscape is so different, in some ways.

And of course, this whole area in the most southern part of the U.S. is so very different from much of the U.S., the landscape of my heart, the trees that shed leaves, not palm fronds.

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