Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Snippets

--My writer friend shared a story with me that she had written.  It had an interesting meditation on blueness.  Is it the quality of twilight that makes the characters seem blue?  Their inner sadness?

--She was worried that Western readers might not understand her story, as it is rooted in Hindu myth and story.  But even before she explained the background to me, I enjoyed the story.

--My skin is not blue, but partly purple.  My fingers have different shades of purple on them.  Have I been writing purple prose?  I'll let you be the judge of that.  No, I've been helping to paint the cottage.

--I say helping because the main bulk of the work was done by the spouse and his manly paint sprayer.  I have followed with my lady-like paint brush, dipping and dabbing and doing touch up.

--The cottage is finally beginning to look like a place where I would be happy to live or vacation.

--The problem with renovating our first two houses, especially the Goose Creek, SC house that required lots of work:  it's hard for me to live with the knowledge of the guts of a house.  I remember the first time I saw the structure underneath the subflooring.  We'd been walking on those joists?  Why were they spaced so far apart?  Shouldn't we have more of them?

--It's hard for me to trust centuries of engineering when it comes to dwellings.

--I find myself missing our old hurricane shutters that looked like awnings, even though engineers would say those were not as good as the shutters in our new house.  But the last 2 nights, I've awakened with rain coming in the open window.

--At first, it was lovely, a light mist, a dewy kiss.  Then it was annoying.

--In our old house, the old-style awnings/shutters would have kept the rain out.

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