Saturday, January 4, 2014

From Lumbering to Limbering

It has been a strange week.  My cold has reasserted itself.  Yes, for the 3rd time in a month.  The second time was just more of a bother, but this 3rd time has come with hacking and muscle aches.  I think I'm about done with this round.  Hopefully it will be the end.  Time for more nutritious living and more water and more exercise--the things which I hope keep the diseases at bay.

Let me note some other highlights and low points of the week.

--The printer that has been most reliable ran out of ink.  But that ended up being a good thing.  We discovered that the other printer, the one that is supposed to be wireless but has only been working the old-fashioned (wired) way since we moved, can communicate with the laptops wirelessly.  I'm not sure what's going on with the desktop computer, but it's quickly becoming a huge storage unit, a back-up drive that's not portable or small. 

--I didn't have to do anything to let my new laptop know of the existence of the wireless printer.  It just introduced itself.

--Oh, to be a laptop, with no fears that one will be rejected, no knowledge of better machines, no anxiety about inabilities.

--I have this vision of my laptop as a puppy of sorts. 

--While I'm thinking of technology, let me remember a moment from yesterday at the office.  I had about 20 PDF files open.  A line drifted through my brain:  "All your PDFs cannot save you now."  I hope it's just a line and not a premonition.

--I've had a great week of poetry writing.  May it be a foretaste of the feast to come.

--The holiday lights are slowly disappearing from the neighborhoods.  I'm trying not to be sad about that.

--It feels strange getting back to work.  It's time to start thinking about my online classes too.  My work brain feels creaky.

--Yes, it's time for a limbering up of all sorts.

--Today at spin class, we do "Jump Fest 2014."  We'll do 2014 jumps before it's all over.  I don't mind the jumping; the spin class move I hate the most is sprinting.  No, I could jump all day long; it's the counting of the jumps that drives me crazy.

--May 2014 be a limbering of all sorts!

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