Sunday, January 12, 2014

Saturday Walks

Yesterday morning as I drove back from spin class, I noticed these small sailboats on the lake near my house.

For some reason, they delighted me.  I took a quick shower, and then my spouse and I grabbed our cameras and walked to the lake.  I tried to capture the moment where we had multiple kinds of watercraft in the same space:  small sailboats, rowing skulls, a rubber dinghy, and what we used to call a johnboat (a small, cheap, uncomplicated motorboat, but not a speedboat, nothing glamorous), but I'm not sure why.  This shot is the closest I got:

It was a GORGEOUS day.  After noticing the boats, I noticed all the flying objects too:  several small planes, big planes taking off every few minutes from the airport, birds of all sorts.

I was absolutely smitten by the birds of prey that soared on every wind gust and draft.  It was hard to capture them, but I tried.  I got lots of shots of the beautiful sky ringed by the tree leaves.

And then I saw the birds of prey on the bank of the lake.  I'm tempted to make some kind of comment about groundedness or maybe a metaphor would be better.

We sat on a bench and stared at the lake for almost an hour, until it started to rain.  I had remarked that I could stay there all day and just enjoy the lake.  But we had a low-key Saturday, which was wonderful.

We ended the day with another walk, which I don't have any pictures.  I love to walk to the Hollywood Marina, where there is a bench where one can sit under the glow of the sign that advertises gas prices and watch the Intracoastal.  It's more relaxing than it sounds.  I needed a bit of relaxing, because I ended by low-key Saturday with a burst of activity:  bill paying, vacuuming, dish washing.  It was good to wind back down with a walk.

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