Sunday, February 2, 2014

Celebrate Candlemas Creatively

Today is Candlemas, where Christians celebrate the presentation of Jesus at the Temple, and pagans long ago celebrated the goddess Brigid, and some Wiccans today will be celebrating at Imbolc, or a variation of any number of pagan holidays. It's also Groundhog's Day. It's one of those times when we can almost perceive the shifting of the seasons. It's not spring yet, but it will be soon.

Today is a day when churches, monasteries, and abbeys across the world will bless the year's supply of candles. I find myself enchanted by that idea.  It's also a day that celebrates the sprouting of seeds, deep in the dark ground where we can't see them.  It's also an idea that inspires me.

How can we translate these ideas to our own lives, particularly our creative lives?  Let me think:

--We could light a candle and think about the projects we'd like to light a fire under.

--We could write a meditation on flickering candles and where we'd like to shine more brightly.

--We could think about seeds that haven't sprouted yet.  What are some projects that might still be sleeping underground?  How do we make sure that we don't forget them?

--Can we bless the year's projects that we plan to undertake?

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