Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Inspirational E-Mails: One of My Recent Projects

I thought I'd share one of my latest projects with you today.  Two weeks ago, when I returned from Mepkin Abbey, I had an idea for a way to inspire myself and my friends, and to keep us remembering our retreat mindset, even when the days of our retreat were far behind us.  I've decided to put out a weekly inspirational e-mail, with photos from Mepkin, and as I go along, to collect these into one Word document, in case I want to turn it into more of a manuscript or eBook.

So, here's what I wrote upon my return.  Does it work as inspiration?  Would you want a whole book of these or would they be tiresome?  Would you want writing/art/creativity prompts too?

Inspirational e-mail #1

Maintaining Mepkin Mind

Feb. 4, 2014

As we return to regular life, it's good to ponder the question of how to maintain our Mepkin mindset, so that our flames continue to burn brightly.


I've been thinking about the oil lamp in the Father Francis Kline Memorial Chapel.  It takes such a little bit of oil, yet the flame burns steadily.  I'm hoping that we can continue to burn, even during the weeks when we're running low on oil.  Hopefully we can remember this lamp and be heartened from the fact that it doesn't take much oil.



I know that some weeks, we'll only be able to get a glimpse of that bright flame, a glimpse through a slit in a wall.  Again, the flame is there.  The flame waits faithfully.

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