Monday, June 9, 2014

Creativity Sunday

Yesterday was a long, but good, day at church.  We finished counting the offering only to realize that a huge storm was sweeping through.  So we stayed put for a bit.  Happily, the lunch celebration for the Confirmation group was still taking place in the fellowship hall, so the delay wasn't unpleasant.

When we got home, we looked at all the materials left over from the morning's wind chime project (for more on that, see this post on my theology blog).  We decided to go ahead and add to the wind chimes we'd already created.  We sat on the front porch and listened to the rumbly afternoon and enhanced the wind chimes.

But we still had material left.  I looked at a paint scraper and said, "It looks like a fish."  So we created a fish. 

And the shiny washers looked like scales, so we laid out another fish.  But the thought of wiring it together was more than I wanted to do; we'd already been creating for 2 hours and soon it would be time to get ready for the week ahead.  So instead, I took pictures.

At some point soon, I'll post pictures of the wind chimes and the other creative projects from the past week.

It's been a good creative week.  I wrote one poem and multiple blog posts.  I made altered playing cards--think collaging on a very small canvas of a playing card.  I made wind chimes and a mixed media sculpture (can I call it sculpture?) fish shape.  It's good to remember that I want to do a variety of creative projects--and that when I don't make as much progress on writing projects in a given week, it may be because I'm being creative in other arenas.

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