Monday, October 27, 2014

A Week-end of Concerts

Yesterday we went back to Bailey Hall at Broward College--this time to see the Symphonic Band concert.

You might ask why 2 concerts in one week-end.  You might say, "I don't remember you being this kind of a music fan."

My spouse has to see 10 concerts as part of a music theory class that he's taking, so when there were 2 concerts in one week-end, he saw a way to make up lost time, from when the concert hall was closed for renovations.  With our school IDs, we get to go for free.

I didn't expect to like the Symphonic Band as much as I did.  I thought it might be more marching music, but there was a wide variety.  Like the Broward Symphony, they try to bring the public new works.  Two of the pieces were written by a member of the Band, who was there to conduct--and we were part of the professional recording, so we tried to be very quiet, except for when we erupted into applause.

One of the best parts was a selection of music from the Disney movie Frozen.  What made it wonderful was that the small kids behind us burst into song, even though their parents shushed them.  When I was younger, it might have bothered me.  Now I found it delightful to be near children who couldn't hold back.

I can't quite decide on the acoustics of the new design.  Yesterday, we sat by the professional recording microphone, which my spouse thought would be the best for sound, and it was fine.  Saturday night I thought the sound was a bit more muted, like I was listening to a recording.

After some shopping on our way back, we came home to enjoy a simple meal of a burger, baked beans, and some chips.  We ate by the pool, which is now almost too cold to enjoy much these days.  We're true Floridians now.  But it's still lovely to sit outside as the sun slips towards the horizon and enjoy a meal together.  Our pool has a water feature, a waterfall wall, so it's peaceful.

Then I did the straightening and the getting organized for the coming week, the laundry and the putting away.

The week-end was a good one, which makes it hard to return to work.  Plus we have big changes at work.  Our dean was let go last week, and I probably shouldn't blog too much about that.  Still, I'll have more thoughts on the overall changes at work--maybe in tomorrow's post.

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