Thursday, October 2, 2014

In a Week of Tech Tiredness, Happiness

So many things are making me happy this morning.  Let me make a list:

--I was able to get my computer back to operational.  Hurrah!  It really was as simple as it should have been.   I learned from the Spring Computer Crash of 2014 that you shouldn't hope that the computer will heal itself.  Those restore points vanish all too soon, and then you have to go to the more extreme Refresh, which wipes out some of the programs.  Yesterday afternoon, I went back to the only restore point available, and now the desk top loads just fine.

--Because I got the computer fixed, I did some writing this morning.  It's always a good morning when I write.

--Yesterday I saw the first house decorated for Halloween.  It's muggy and hot and not at all autumnal, but the sight of Halloween decorations makes me smile.

--Today I will wear the jewelry that my spouse gave me--he bought the pieces from SERVV, which supports third world artisans.  Social justice and pretty jewelry--hurrah!  Below you'll see the bracelet.

--I got all the syllabi for classes in my department not being taught in the Fall migrated to the new template.  The completion of this task makes me happiest of all.  Hopefully today I'll get all the syllabi from the faculty teaching the courses for Fall--please may they be perfect syllabi.

--I met with a variety of people from across my college yesterday to try to come up with a more efficient way of evaluating non-official transcripts, a way that won't keep us out of compliance.  Within 20 minutes of brainstorming, we had one.  I love being part of that kind of problem solving team!  I love that although we all might have different agendas, we're not hostile to each other.  We solved the problem and laughed some too--excellent!

--I've also been happy when I could solve issues students were having with transcripts and registration.  When students come to me with issues about grades, I can't often fix those cries for help.  It's much too late.  But when a student asks me if a class taken elsewhere could be reassigned so that it doesn't drop from the degree audit, and I go to the file to realize that I can do this, I'm happy to be able to make an easy fix.

--I've also been exchanging e-mails with my online students who are crafting essays.  It's wonderful to see them develop nebulous possibilities into real outlines.  Hurrah!

--It has been a long week full of various technology annoyances.  I'm glad it's Thursday.

--One student I helped this week turned as she left my office.  She said, "I really love your poems."   It was the kind of day where that compliment really buoyed my spirits.

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Lillian Walker said...

I'm very glad to read those updates. It's like things are all going up. Just as well, computers can be such great saves with all the various burdens they can carry on our behalf. Better make sure they withstand and that they are well-accounted for. All the best!

Lillian Walker @TaylorWorks