Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hawaii Retrospective with Photos

Two weeks ago we'd have been waking up near a different ocean in Oahu.

We've seen similar views of the coastline on the Atlantic, but how different was the view from the other side of our balcony!

On the shores of the Atlantic ocean, we don't have mountains that rise out of our beaches.

In many ways, the plant life is similar to what we could find in our own yards.

But I've never seen plumeria/frangipani flowers with quite these colors in the yards of South Florida.

The sun rises out of our ocean, instead of setting into the sea, as in the picture below:

I told my dad that I have so many pictures of sunrises and sunsets in my computer.  But it's irresistible to capture more.  And why not the setting of the moon?

All too soon it would be time to go.  We left our extra food here, and I left thinking about why we don't see this kind of good idea in more places.

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