Saturday, April 11, 2015

Justice Poem Prompts

A few weeks ago, I wrote a series of prompts for the Create in Me retreat planners to use.  My vision:  that people would fill in blanks and come up with interesting ways to think about justice.

I thought I'd post the exercise here, too, in case it would be more widely useful.

Justice Poem Prompts



Fill in the blanks, make new blanks, and see what happens.



What does justice look like?



--The elders say, “Our children need ___________________________.”


--The prophet calls upon the legislator and says, “Do  _________________________.”


--The flocks say, “Give us ___________________________________.”


--The angel Gabriel gives us these instructions:  “_____________________________.”



A different approach; fill in these blanks and then in the next section, fill in those blanks:


Detail of shift from one season to another ________________________________


Type of noise ________________________________________


Element of nature  _____________________________________________


Type of emotion _________________________________________________


Favorite flower __________________________________________________


Something very tiny  ________________________________________________


Floor or wall covering  ______________________________________________


Something nourishing ________________________________________________


Favorite fruit __________________________________________________________


Element of self-care  ______________________________________________


Something that oozes _____________________________________________


Favorite treat  ________________________________________________________


Something that turns _______________________________________________


Something that grinds   ___________________________________________________


Now let’s move to the next section and see what happens:


--A commitment to justice helps us offer __________________________________.


--We yearn for the day when justice covers the earth like ______________________________.


--We are crushed into bits smaller than _____________________ by injustice.


--Truth rolls down through the valley like ________________________________________.


--When I work for justice, it’s as if ________________________________________________.


--I first felt the move to justice as __________________________________ ripening.


--Evildoers cover their rotten foundations with _____________________________.


--We burn with __________________________________for truth and justice.


--Injustice grinds us like a giant ____________________________________________.


--The____________________________ of justice turns slowly, but the turning does occur.


--The ___________________________of justice has found fertile soil in my heart.


--_________________________grows in the garden of justice.



One last question which may prompt poems:


Is the pomegranate of justice different than the pineapple of justice?



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