Sunday, July 12, 2015

House Anniversaries

There was a moment yesterday afternoon when I said, "What a cozy little house we have."  Yesterday was the second anniversary of our closing, or the signing of the paperwork part; today is the anniversary of the day when the money actually all got where it needed to go, and we actually closed.

I had a cake cooling on the coffee table because there wasn't room in the small kitchen, which had grilled veggies resting on every surface.  My spouse and I had been working side by side on our computers.  I thought about how in my younger years, I envisioned this kind of partnership.

Of course, those younger yearnings assumed we would be working on a writing project together.  I couldn't have envisioned that we'd be working on our online classes side by side.  I couldn't have envisioned the day we'd be able to afford two computers.

The technology comes with a price.  Later in the day came the gnashing of teeth when the course shell wasn't working for my spouse.  And this morning, I made an inventory of all that I need to do, much of it online. 

But despite my ever-growing list of what needs to be done, I will take breaks:  to make cake, to take a dip in the pool, to eat some watermelon.  It's hard to believe that we're halfway through July.  Summer is zipping by . . .

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