Monday, July 20, 2015

Short Week-End Retrospective

My mom posted this picture on Facebook:

This picture of my mom and dad on my spouse's larger motorcycle might give you the wrong idea of the kind of week-end we've had.  We did not ride motorcycles, although we did inspect them.  It's felt like a whirlwind of a week-end, but also restful.

We've done a lot:  food shopping and grilling, eating brunch out and going out for soft-serve ice cream on a Sunday evening (lots of others had the same idea), spending time by and in the pool, reading on a cloudy Saturday, taking walks, and relaxing some more.

Now they are off to Orlando to attend a wedding, and my spouse and I head off to work.  But first, my mom and dad and I will have one last breakfast on the beach--well, the last one for now.

I like having visitors because it makes me enjoy this location in ways that I don't always take the time to do when I'm here alone.  I never eat breakfast at the beach unless my parents are here.  When it's just me, I shrug and say, "Well, I can cook eggs here."

What I forget:  I don't have that view of the ocean from my house.  I have very nice views, but it's not as calming as the sea.

It will be interesting to see if a hearty breakfast by the ocean makes it easier to get through the work day.  I suspect it will.

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