Monday, August 10, 2015

Instruments of Peace

I would like to work in a small, chapel-like space:

Marion's Chapel in Saluda, NC

I would like this sign outside my office space:

Mepkin Abbey in Moncks Corner, SC

I would like a copper roof to block the cell phone signals:

I would like to put up a glass wall to protect my work space from the clamor:

But that is not the life I lead, in this choir of an office suite:

And so I offer this prayer:

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Lucille in CT said...

My cubicle neighbor and I were just talking about something like this! She was saying, non-sequitor, "I think I just have to say I don't want to be working". To which I said, you know, I really do like (some of) my work----but I wish I had a bank of windows, open to the ocean breeze, sun shining in----cup of tea at my side, quiet/reflectiveness surrounding me (rather than the constant chatter and sounds of the 300+ strong office we're currently in).